This is conducted at your own home, in an environment where your dog feels safe.

You will learn why your dog does what it does and how you can help it to be more settled and relaxed. It is a process of communication rather than a quick fix. The benefits that come from this will last as long as you continue to use it.

Support continues after this with full 'For Life' Back Up service, for the life of your dog, that is conducted via telephone or email. If you wish me to come back out to visit you again I only charge my travel expenses, there is no extra fee. The one-off fee of £180, plus travel expenses, pays for a lifetime of care.

I am also available to give talks to groups if you would like to learn more about Dog Listening and how it helps dogs and owners lead happier lives together. I found Dog Listening as I am the proud owner of a very bright, strong willed but nervous dog.

What is Dog Listening?

Dog Listening is a method of communicating with dogs in a way they understand. This applies to all canines and is similar to the way the Alpha in the wild would signal to the other members of its pack that it was the leader.

Essential commands you can teach your dog

Having a dog is a wonderful thing. They are really our best friends and you are never alone with a dog that is balanced and well behaved. To have such a dog you have to train it. The easiest way to do so is to take a class together with your dog, but if you have time, and love spending it with your dog, then don't waste your money and follow these simple steps. In a short amount of time you and your dog will become a dream team. You can also take your escort Paris with you at one of the classes.

To take a sit is one of the easiest obedience commands to teach your dog. There are three steps to follow in order to teach your dog to take a sit when you say "sit". First put a treat close to your dog's nose. Then move your hand up so that he also moves his head up to follow the treat. That will cause the dog's bottom to lower. Once your dog is in a sitting position, say "sit" and give your dog the treat. Share affection with your dog. Repeat this a few times until your dog gets it and starts taking a sit after you say it. This command is very useful even if you are an escort Paris who loves cats.

The command "come" can be very useful. You can also learn your friend or escort to do it. These are the steps. First put a leash and collar around your dog's head. Second go down on your dog's level and say "come" by slowly and gently pulling him towards you. And the third and final step is to share affection and give your dog a treat once he gets to you. It is essential to repeat these three steps a few times a day.

Moving to the next level

Now comes one command that is a little harder to teach your dog. It is the "leave it" command. It is important for every dog to know this command, because people leave everything on the floor outside, and some stuff that attract your dogs attention can be harmful for them or your escort Paris you took with you.

Put a treat in both of your hands. Then show your dog one enclosed hand, let's say the left one, with the treat inside and say "leave it". Let him bark, sniff, lick and do everything to get the treat, but just ignore that. Once he stops trying give him the treat from your right hand or ask your escort to do that. Repeat this until your dog gets away from your first hand after saying "leave it". After he does it, then go to the next level and give him the treat from your other hand only when he moves right after you say "leave it" and looks up to you while doing it. Remember to change the hands.

After your dog is doing that every time and making eye contact than it is ready for the next level. Take a normal treat in one and a especially good smelling one in your other hand. Say leave it and place the less attractive treat on the floor and cover it with your hand. After he looks at you and moves from that treat remove it from the floor and give him the better treat. Repeat this every time covering the treat less and less, until you can just put it on the floor and make your dog leave it.