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Smartest dog breeds

Not every dog breed has the same limits. And we don't think only about the physical limits, but also about mental limits. There are some smarter dog breeds that can easily learn some commands and do it in a shorter amount of time than others. But it should not discourage you if your dog is not on the "smart list", because the love you give your dog and the treats, of course, will make your dog want to learn everything. With some time, and a lot luck, I am sure you will be able to teach your dog anything you want.

The smart ones

The Border Collie is known as the smartest dog breed. They are not only smart, but also true workaholics. They are prized for their intelligence, work ability and extraordinary instinct. They are the premier sheep herders.

Poodles are also very smart and very high on our list, as you can see. They are very energetic, proud and exceptionally smart and active trough out the whole day. Sometimes they are also used for truffle hunting, but mostly they are known as the breed for retrieving things out of water.

German Shepherds are not only the world's leading guard, military and police dogs, they are also very smart and confident. They are also good as family dogs, know they way around kids and are great herders. Loving, intelligent and active, would be the words to describe German Shepherds.

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent and eager to please dog breed. They are mostly bred as a hunting companion. Golden Retrievers are also very good as a guide and for assistance in rescue operations.

Doberman Pinschers are known for their speed, intelligence, loyalty and stamina. They are bred to be a guardian and as a war, guard and police dog. They can be also useful as housekeepers and are very easy to be trained.